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North Central Health Care (2007-2013)

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Benedictine Living Community of Wausau (2015-Present)

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Lori Knapp Inc. (2017)

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Villa Maria Health and Rehabilitation Center (2018)

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About Lori Koeppel and Koeppel HCS LLC


Lori Koeppel BSN, RN, NHA



Koeppel HCS LLC


Lori has over 25 years of experience in the post-acute care setting including skilled nursing, pharmacy and assisted living operations. From start-ups to operational turn around projects, Lori has respected every moment of her professional journey. During her last role as Senior Executive of Inpatient Services, Koeppel led a culture change initiative of a government operated, 320 bed skilled nursing facility. The turn-around project resulted in CMS 5 star rating increase from 1 to 5 star with a deficiency free survey. Koeppel learned the importance of persistence, authenticity, and humility from the residents, community and colleagues she encountered during her     7 years at that facility. She will tell you that it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of her career.


Since launching her consulting services, Koeppel has been partnering with nursing home and assisted living providers on projects that yield quality results including certification of a brain injury unit, Immediate Jeopardy Abatement and plan of correction development, IIDR preparation and presentation, and Quality program development.


Embracing the happy moments life has to offer, Lori enjoys “out fishing” her husband at  Pelican Lake, where she spent many summers while growing up.


Stevens Point Care Center North Central Health Care

Provided Services

• Removal from "special focus facility" designation

• Traditional survey preparation

• Quality program development


Provided Services

• Culture change readiness and strategic planning

• Operational and clinical systems analysis

• Performance improvement plan implementation

• Core staff competency program


Koeppel Healthcare Solutions LLC provides healthcare and business consulting services to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our customized approach improves quality of care while optimizing the operations of your business. Koeppel HCS delivers analysis, training, oversight, and results when you need it the most.







Consulting services available include


• Operational and clinical process analysis

• Traditional and quality indicator survey readiness evaluations

• Immediate jeopardy abatement

• IIDR preparation

• Plan of correction facilitation and oversight

• Hi-risk medical records reviews and chronology development

• Quality program development (Assisted Living and Nursing Home)

• Rapid cycle performance improvement plan implementation

• Strategic planning

• New business growth

• Staff education & leadership development

• Correction orders oversight (Assisted Living)

• Rate setting guidance (Assisted Living)

• Employee retention strategies & staffing analysis

Austin Miloszewicz


Executive Director

Stevens Point Care Center


     I would highly recommend Lori Koeppel. I contracted with Lori for a building that was a special focus facility. Lori and her team were able to come in and assist with everything from audits to competencies and much more. They worked closely with my team to bring our quality to an amazing level. When we started consulting with Lori we were a 2 star facility, after having her in the building for about 6 months the building was removed from the "special focus facility" and also became a 5 star building. Lori assisted with implementation of QAPI at a company wide level, as well as local initiatives at my building.


    Lori Koeppel is the best option you can choose for a wide array of services. Lori and her team conduct themselves as professionals at all times, and will do whatever it takes to provide the best service.

Brad Karger


County Administrator

Marathon County, Wisconsin


     Lori's leadership transformed Mount View Care Center from a largely dysfunctional county owned nursing home to one of the most respected health care institutions in our state. Also during that same tenure she reduced the public subsidy to Mount View from $5 million to $1.5 million per year.


     Lori demonstrated the capacity to lead courageously. More specifically she fostered the development of a common vision, a vision that the community supported. She took a stand, identified barriers and developed operational plans to move the organization from where it was to where it wanted and needed to be. Nothing about this was easy. Some of the issues were technical in nature and could be addressed as such. But many more of the barriers were cultural. In order to make progress Lori had to challenge an entitlement culture and replace it with a culture with a focus on the interests of customers. I am doing similar work with Marathon county government and I know how difficult and how taxing culture change is, but that was what needed to be done. Lori took on that challenge and Mount View's results document her success.



Provided Services

• Verification visit preparation

• Traditional mock survey

• Root cause analysis facilitation

• Performance improvement plan development


G. Douglas Hixon



Benedictine Living Community of Wausau


     The Benedictine Living Community of Wausau received a very negative state survey in September of 2015. First we engaged Lori Koeppel to get us back in compliance for our upcoming verification survey. Koeppel started by doing a nursing service assessment relative to the actual citations we had received. Problems were identified correctly and practical uncomplicated solutions were suggested to insure that we would be back in compliance for our Verification Survey. By following the plans laid out by Koeppel, we did indeed pass our verification survey. It should be noted that Lori Koeppel was actually the lead person who worked with us through this process.


    In anticipation of our new 2016 annual state survey we engaged Lori Koeppel once again. Koeppel did a complete assessment of all phases of our nursing care. Specific incidents were identified where a more thorough root cause analysis was needed with more definitive documentation. Many times you can just be too close to a situation to pick up your own deficits. Having the objective expertise of Lori Koeppel looking at our nursing documentation and determining when our systems needed modification to insure complete compliance was a tremendous help to us. So much so, that in August of 2016 for our annual state survey, we received a deficiency free nursing survey. I can assure you that going forward we will be using Koeppel HCS to help and support us through all future state surveys at the Benedictine Living Community of Wausau.

Provided Services

• RN oversight for a special order related to a regulatory plan of correction


Kelly Gochenaur



Lori Knapp Inc.


     During an on-site visit, a licensing surveyor identified concerns with an AFH’s  medication management system, which resulted in a special order for Lori Knapp Inc (LKI) to seek consultation from a registered nurse not affiliated with the facility.  LKI reached out to our associations for guidance with selecting a consultant. Lori was chosen by our agency due to her quick response, empathy and obvious competency displayed during the first contact.  From our first conversation, I knew Lori would be sensitive to our financial constraints, while ensuring the expectations of the special order was addressed in a manner that increased the quality of our services.


Within 2 months of partnering with Lori, LKI implemented new policy and procedures for medication management corporate wide. Lori was prompt and professional with all communication, flexible and embraced the goals of Lori Knapp, Inc. She provided challenge during the development of policy to ensure high quality standards were established which employees could be expected to consistently follow. I was aware that LKI was not Lori’s only client but one of several, yet she addressed LKI’s concerns as though we were her only client.  Throughout our engagement I felt that Lori Knapp, Inc. was her top priority. I believe this to be a quality of her service that makes her stand out amongst her peers.  Lori Knapp, Inc. highly recommends Lori for your consultation needs!

Provided Services

• Clinical Coaching

• Risk and Compliance Consulting



Lauren Snyder RN,BSN,NHA,WCC


Director of Nursing

Villa Maria Health and Rehabilitation Center


   Lori provides and encourages a unique coaching and mentoring style that makes you feel like you are well supported and a valuable member of the team. What really sets her apart from other consultants is how resourceful and readily available she is. If I call Lori on a Saturday night, she answers immediately and provides me with direct support and resources to solve any issue. Lori has also been able to provide numerous networking opportunities to further our advancement in the SNF and LTC settings. She is very reliable- even so that when she vacationed out of the country our questions were still answered the same day! Best of all, she keeps things fun- which really makes things a lot easier in this very stressful world of healthcare.


   Lori Koeppel has made a huge positive difference at our facility and to me personally as a nurse and DON. Without her, we would not have been able to achieve a deficiency free survey in 2018!

Lori Knapp Inc. Villa Maria
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